3 ways digital marketing in FMCG sector can shakeup 2021

how FMCG can leverage digital marketing

Digital marketing for FMCG brands need to optimize the user experience or gamify the complete process of buying or interacting with the brand. Until one offers more, one is going to have a hard time winning the FMCG game in the digital marketing age, because MORE is the new normal. – Raj Shamani, Founder of Shamani Industries

When is the last time you went to an e-commerce grocery store and got distracted from your normal purchase? The homepage on an E-commerce app has more product options than anyone can sensibly think about buying, however you went on the website or the app with something in mind. Digital Marketing in FMCG sector has immensely evolved More data, more choices, more solutions have now come up. People have the luxury of exploring more choices with a single tap with their thumb, before buying something or finding out more information about the brand, or even match the pricing with its competitors and understand more ways how they can get the tiniest possible product that they could’ve easily bought it from the nearby store.

The brand is the center of all your marketing endeavors. People on the internet have way lower attention span. When branding is done accurately, can immediately characterize what makes your item more alluring than competition. The best brands are not just consistently conveyed to the consumer, but also a part of the internal DNA of your company. Here are 3 ways how you can win at digital marketing for FMCG brand:

1. Leading the ecommerce ‘shelf space’ with SEO and collaborations

You in digital marketing should really focus on the fact that a potential buyer’s first step to buying anything is ‘research’. You must win the search category, which will let your products rank high on the search results page and eventually end up in your customer’s shopping basket.

This also applies to the e-tailer’s website/ app. In a typical brick and mortar retail chain, you could win with scale. The size of the shelf space usually corresponds to the brand share. But in the online world, there is literally a never ending or infinite shelf space. Here, you need to beat the algorithm to win. This could be challenging, since every retailer has their own set of guidelines and rules.

Repeat purchase is 22% more likely with consecutive digital shops since users like to stick with their list of previous purchase channels or e-tailers. So it’s crucial to intercept the potential buyer. This can be done via retailer partnerships and leveraging digital marketing in FMCG product ad spends. Amazon presents an entire ad ecosystem (AMS), but ecommerce giant such as NOON isn’t far behind.

2. Leverage Digital Marketing in the FMCG world of ‘Attention’

The average human attention span has fallen from 12 seconds to 8 seconds. That is literally lesser than the attention span of a goldfish! This is why in todays modern world, if a brand succeeds in having a buyer’s attention , they’ve already won half the marathon. So how can this be achieved with digital marketing for FMCG brands? Building a relationship with buyers on a personal level and more importantly understanding the customer journey. Also, it’s important to note down the pain points a customer may face in each stages of the journey, starting with the awareness stage leading to the decision making stage.

Let’s take an example of one of the products from Kraft Heinz, Heinz beans. A potential buyer could be a calorie conscious and would research for options such as low calorie or low sodium beans, etc on Google. This user is in the awareness stage and to target this particular segment of users, your ad’s messaging should clearly highlight the low calorie/ low sodium USP of Heinz bean. Understanding your buyer persona is the key to personalization and ad targeting.

Effective digital marketing for FMCG brands can enable the marketers to show relevant ads to the right buyer and grab their attention.

3. Staying ‘HUMAN’

Staying close to your consumers, following your gut feeling and not over thinking it may seem like paltry advice, yet it’s presumably perhaps the most crucial things you need to follow while investing in digital marketing for FMCG brands. This doesn’t mean you run away from technology that supports. Or maybe, you layer in the “human” piece and stay buyer driven as you make a large portion of those tool compartments. Private-label brands aren’t winning because customers couldn’t care less about large brands any longer.

Digital marketing for FMCG brands needs a strong and quick push from the CMOs. With the help of digital marketing, you can build your brand to meet the needs of your target customers in the right stage of customer journey they are at. You could also potentially use the digital marketing channels to reach out to the millennials. Relevant content, strong social media, partnerships with e-commerce retailers, and a CRM campaign will help you reconnect. Consumers will see you with fresh perspective.

Published by Aarohi Surya

About Aarohi Surya: -Over 10 Years of Digital Marketing Experience -Digital Marketing Strategist – Has created and executed over 100 Digital Marketing Plans -Digital Project Expert – Has managed over 1000s of digital projects -SEO Expert – Managed SMEs to large business' SEO Projects

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