3 reasons why digital marketing specialists need to be gritty

Digital marketing expert qualities

Grit is key to your success in your role as a digital marketing specialist. It makes your digital marketing KPIs, not “just a KPI,” but an important part of your living. If you are losing sight of what you are gritty about, your KPIs are too small. Never let fear get in the way of your dreams.

Grit is not just about perseverance. Grit has 2 elements: passion and purpose. As a digital marketing specialist, if you have passion for digital marketing, you can continue longer than if you just have the purpose. And If you have a purpose, you can persist even longer than if you just have passion.

Whether it’s a screaming sports fan who’s face is painted blue, a line wrapped around the Apple store waiting for the release of the iPhone X, or a teenage girl who has “Zayn fever”- Passion is always displayed in person. As a digital marketing specialist, free quick access to reaching out to the mass creates an opportunity to spread passion exponentially. Digital marketing specialists now have the opportunity to convey their passion through multiple social networks and interactions within seconds with a large audience from behind their brand’s face.

Successful digital marketing specialists channel their passion through their brand authentically online. In return, your customers will be your biggest advocates without any incentive to do so. Think of your favorite brand, the one you are most passionate about. How many times have you tweeted to your followers or shared on Facebook how much you love this brand without any reason? The relationship between a brand and an ambassador is built on trust, not rewards. And by brand, I mean the digital marketing specialist that controls the brand’s voice.

Personally, I’ve never met a digital marketing specialist who wasn’t passionate. Pratik, CEO and founder of Digital Pratik is a passionate digital marketing specialist. Every interaction on Facebook, Youtube, or Instagram, Pratik shows his love for digital marketing. Whether he is sharing a personal content of his nephew, or creating new podcast, Pratik is committed to excellence.

It is an important reminder that grit does not replace skill, it enhances it. Someone who is gritty about their job responsibilities and the business’ mission is the best of both worlds. Finding your true passion takes time. Figuring out what you are truly passionate about and run with it. Think, what makes you tick? If digital marketing doesn’t make your tick, then maybe digital marketing specialist role isn’t for you. Trust your gut and your heart. What do you have to lose?

What are you passionate about? Do you believe strong digital marketing specialists need to be passionate? Share with me in the comments below!

Published by Aarohi Surya

About Aarohi Surya: -Over 10 Years of Digital Marketing Experience -Digital Marketing Strategist – Has created and executed over 100 Digital Marketing Plans -Digital Project Expert – Has managed over 1000s of digital projects -SEO Expert – Managed SMEs to large business' SEO Projects

One thought on “3 reasons why digital marketing specialists need to be gritty

  1. Yup! Not just marketers, every professional in every domain now needs to be passionate. We’re almost 8 Billion now – – ALL HUMANS – – “Greedy, Jealous and Selfish”, of-course exceptions exist but still most are like that… self competence is less, competition with Sharma Ji’s Beta is more! The only way to escape this trap of “want to be superior” is to do what you’re passionate about, cuz then you will try to make yourself better every moment not by comparing to others but yourself!


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