About Marketing with Aarohi

Hi, I’am a digital marketing hustler. By day, you can find me analyzing performance data, curating reports or coming up with crazy ideas in digital marketing. By night, I’am typically creating new vegan recipes or crushing deadlift PRs. I believe in the concept of learning and sharing, hence all the content on this website, (and all other channels) is based on my learnings in digital marketing that I’ve got my hands on.

My journey in digital marketing started back in the days of 2011. To promote my personal poetry blog, I began to educate myself on online marketing concepts and techniques. Since then, I’ve been learning something new in my life, which I apply to my brands and now I’ve decided to share that marketing knowledge with others.

After graduating from computer science engineering, I came to Dubai in 2015 to pursue MBA in International Marketing. Over the course of 2 years, I published a research paper (Perception of Consumer Behavior on Mobile Banking offered by the National and Multinational banks in UAE with Special Reference to Emirates NBD and Citibank”, ICMM 2016, Tokyo, Japan), and worked with top brands from FMCG, Retail, Technology, and Finance sectors.  I also managed to pull off 2 short term projects at Landmark Group (Primark) and Emami; and 3 full-time internships at Emami, Landmark Internation (Reiss, Yours and NewLook), and Oriental Insurance.

Currently I lead marketing at a Tech firm in Dubai. I oversee channels such as retail, digital and PR. Even though my current KPIs revolve around general marketing, I’ve  always been a digital marketer at heart.

Prior to my current role, I was working as a digital marketing specialist at a Finance startup. Even though my role said ” digital marketing specialist”, it was not even close to what I was expected to do. Being a Fintech startup, I got to wear multiple hats, on the same day! One day I was a telemarketer and the next day I was hosting a webinar on Financial trading and later that day I was curating accounting sheets for the company. Meanwhile, I was also learning & executing SEO, social techniques and SEM campaigns. I literally created company’s entire website from scratch using WordPress tools and plugins and then later optimized it for search engines (SEO). I created and enhanced their entire social media strategy which resulted in the engagement rate to go from a sad 0.02% to 1.7%!!!

I’m not here to just talk goodie goodie stuff about me. Because no one in this world has a perfect life. I’ve been through a lot, especially in my Engineering days. There was a time, when I felt like a failure. This was because I realized I had no interest for engineering subjects and I was made to compete in a rat race, where I was bound to fail. Being a performer throughout my school life, I had to face the hard truth in my Engineering where I was just a mediocre, struggling to pass tests after tests. The professors treated me like I’m good for nothing. I was dying from inside day after day so I decided to create a simple wordpress blog to journal my frustrations. One thing led to another, and I started blogging about lifestyle tips, poems and about my life as a frustrated engineering student. I took on many side hustles to educate myself on digital marketing concepts like SEO, Google Ads and Facebook marketing.  Finally in the summer of my final year, I got accepted as a marketing intern at Indian Institute of Management (IIM),  Lucknow, where I learnt a lot about communication strategy and behavior changes.

One thing which I have learnt in life and have got into my blood now is that:

If I won’t have struggles, I’ll never enjoy my success and more importantly, that journey in achieving my goals.  My struggles have made me stronger than before and they keep motivating me to push myself harder.

I have made it my life’s mission to learn something new everyday. Even if it is as small as a life tip given by a random six years old in my colony.

Hope this short little page on Internet, boosts you up in whatever you DO in your life. Because Knowledge is Important but EXECUTION upon that Knowledge is MUCH MORE IMPORTANT. 

So whether you end up with a wrong choice of degree or you pursue your dream course, You will succeed ONLY if you have GRIT!