Leveraging Influencer Marketing during Pandemic

Influencer marketing is still going strong even with the current pandemic shake-ups, and a good strategy can help you make the most of your campaign. A significant part of the cutting-edge economy has eased back down as of late for different reasons, however, one section that is by all accounts moving along without any doubtContinue reading “Leveraging Influencer Marketing during Pandemic”

5 Reasons why Traditional Marketing is Dead

The rules of common courtesy hold that it’s not polite to speak ill of the dead. But let’s be honest — in the case of traditional marketing, this axiom does not apply. If traditional marketing has gone the way of the dinosaur, that’s good news for both buyers and sellers alike. Prospects and sellers seemContinue reading “5 Reasons why Traditional Marketing is Dead”

3 Digital Marketing Tips for Financial Services Companies

Even though the technology has vastly increased the number of digital channels by which you can reach out your niche, it’s fruitful only if the communication it delivers is relevant. That communication is your USP in the brains of your target niche. Understand the Problems of Your Niche In a world where literally every serviceContinue reading “3 Digital Marketing Tips for Financial Services Companies”